About Backyard Bro

Backyard Bro is home to Lovers of Home gardening and Metal detecting. Two experts maintain this exciting website —David M. Phillips and Vicki J. Stabile.   

Metal Detecting

On the metal detecting aspect of the website, David shares his metal detecting adventures and best tools to ensure that even newbies find it easy in adapting to this excellent hobby.

He is an experienced metal detector. He has navigatedaround the world with a video camera and a metal detector in hand in the searchfor relics, coins, gold nuggets, lost treasures, and meteorites of all forms.David’s metal detecting love affair started when he was young but startedcarrying out metal detecting full-time for the last four years. With years ofexperience buying and using metal detectors, he shares his experience and metaldetecting tips using different metal detectors for various purposes.

David is a true ambassador of preserving history andpromoting responsible metal detecting hobby, and he has worked alongsidearchaeologists in the course of enjoying his hobby and expertise.

Home Gardening

The gardening aspect of this website is updated by Vicki J. Stabile. Vicki is a gardening enthusiast and expert. She loves gardening and has been doing so for six years. She enjoys researching and testing new tools and techniques which makes gardening better and easier. Vicki amassed in-depth knowledge in the last five years of passionate gardening, and she learned a lot of things not only about gardening, care of patio too and plenty other things about home outdoors.   

Her vast experience in gardening is also attributed toher purchase and use of various gardening tools which enhances her knowledge ofthese products when to use them, and also care for them.

Vicki loves sharing these experiences with her readers to ensure they make the best judgment in taking care of their garden and enjoy their hobby.

As you can see from the author profiles, Backyard Brois being updated and maintained by two extremely qualified experts in theirfields, many home gardening and metal detecting enthusiasts, both newbies andexperts visit our blog always to learn something new.