Discovery 1100 Metal Detector Review | A Complete Review

Discovery 1100 Metal Detector Review | A Complete Review

The Bounty Hunter Discovery 1100 is one of the world’s cheapest metal entry-level detectors on the market, built specifically for novice detectors just starting with this sport.

Although not many characteristics come with this metal detector, there is still enough to assist beginners to get to know how to use such a device and bring their knowledge to a whole new level.

The metal detector Bounty Hunter Discovery 1100 is an easy-to-use device. A manual in several languages is included. The test report should show if the device is suitable for probe probes.

Handling the Bounty Hunter Discovery 1100

After unpacking the metal detector is switched on and the search can begin. There are no additional difficult settings to make with this unit. The fun with the treasure hunt can start immediately. With just a few simple steps, the three individual parts can be put together and connected with each other.

Very Good Equipment Of The Metal Detector Discovery 1100

The metal detector from Bounty Hunter is equipped with acoustic 3-tone feedback so that the discovery of metal objects is easily feasible.

A generously designed LCD display on the Discovery 1100 metal detector makes reading easier. Based on the lightweight nature of the device and the soft padded armrest, which is also ideal for height adjustment, effortless use of the Bounty Hunter Discovery 1100 is possible.

The Bounty Hunter metal detector operates by means of two 9 volt block batteries, which are not included.

Functions Of The Metal Detector

The Bounty Hunter Metal Detector Discovery 1100 emits three different signals, but they are not adjustable in volume. These inform the searching person about what kind of find it is.

Optionally, a headphone can also be connected to the device. Thanks to a freely selectable pre-filtering of the signal, which is also called discrimination, there is the possibility that unwanted objects are not displayed. This is a considerable minimization of alarms feasible.

Thanks to the waterproof search coil, the Discovery 1100 Metal Detector from the manufacturer Bounty Hunter can also be used to search for treasures in shallow waters or in damp weather.

Features Of The Discovery 1100

The Discovery 1100 Metal Detector by Bounty Hunter is extremely simple to use and designed with sophisticated discrimination characteristics, perfect for discovering coins, metals, relics and much more.

Combing the beach or searching in the backyard, completely digital motion discrimination detector of the unit, helps to find exactly what you are looking for. Three-tone indicators of audio target identification, as well as the depth of 3 segments and target,  allows you to see what is buried and the depth.

Touch-pad fully digital controls and automatic ground balance makes the detector easy for beginners to use, while the detector offers plenty of energy for more experienced users.

Other standard features include a 7 inc system interchangeable waterproof coil, adjustable aluminum shank and padded armrests along with a comfortable grip.

Design And Appearance

Adjustable Sensitivity

By clicking + and – buttons, you can adjust your detector’s sensitivity using Bounty Hunter Discovery 1100. These buttons are available on the right side of the interface.

This allows you to boost the likeliness of finding required metals. This feature makes this machine professional and allows you to control it in a better way for better performance.

Deep Dig

This is one of the top-rated metal detectors if you’re a finder of something that’s hidden in-depth. Nothing concealed in depth will miss this metal detector.

The instrument comes with three audio tones to assist you to find distinct materials: low tone: suggests medium tone iron and steel: suggests high tone pull-tabs and pennies: shows quarters.

Furthermore, you can continuously know how much battery the sensor has meanwhile the LCD screen delivers feedback on this.


Is the Tracker IV waterproof?

It is fitted with a waterproof coil of 7′′ which makes it possible to detect shallow water and moisture-laden grass. You don’t need to stick to this coil; you can also alter it.

The integrated Digital Coin Depth Indicator makes it a simple task to determine the depth of items. One-Touch Depth Select Control, Low Battery Indicator, and Push-Button Discrimination Mode are other significant characteristics of this feature-packed metal detector.

Can I use it on the beach?

The Discover 1100 is extremely susceptible to up to 6 ” depth of tiny metallic objects. That implies you will detect those coins that are covered by good soil that is deposited at your site after brief rains. The detector may, however, feel up to a depth of 3 feet for bigger objects.

Can I adjust the volume?

The Discover 1100 is extremely susceptible to up to 6 ” depth of tiny metallic objects. That implies you will detect those coins that are covered by good soil that is deposited at your site after brief rains. The detector may, however, feel up to a depth of 3 feet for bigger objects.

Will it find gold?

The search for the lost treasure or even gold has long been the dream of children and adults. Metal detectors have allowed following this dream.

The practical side of using the metal detector can be the location of buried pipes for maintenance or finding the lost wedding ring in the backyard.

It will detect gold very well. If you use discriminate, set it at a low setting for detecting smaller things like rings, Earrings, etc. You might find yourself digging some trash but you won’t miss thin pieces of jewelry. In very low trash areas, stay on all metal settings.

You can scan over the same area in different patterns to locate objects that you might lose with just one pass. Always refill the holes after digging to retrieve an object.

How much depth?

The equipment can give you an approximate range of 1 meter with large objects, all depending on the size of the metal, type of soil and time of the buried object.

The Discovery 1100 metal detector has 3-segment depth and target indicators let you see what is buried and how deep.

What is the recommended age?

The Discovery 1100 metal detector is not recommended for kids below 7 years of age. This is because the detector becomes too complicated for children so it is advisable for children who are above 7 years of age.

Is there a warranty?

The warranty support is open to any buyer, you do not have to worry as there is a provision for warranty and support by the company.

What are the cons?

One of the major disadvantages of the Discovery 1100 is that it is not highly detective as other metal detectors and it is too much for a child.

Also, setting it up takes time and if care is not taken, the person will not set it right. Most times, the batteries do not fit and highly sensitive for a child.


  • When metal is engaged, it beeps.


  • 2 9V batteries are required.
  • It would be costly to run this detector frequently as a hobby.
  • The indicators of ‘ metal type ‘ and depth were not precise.

What Are Customers Saying About This Product

Many customers have attested to the positive way and manner this detector works. Some customers have this to say below;

This detector was picking up pennies that were 8″ under the sand, even with me scanning relatively fast. Accurately identifies the metal as well. Very happy with my purchase.

Another said; I dropped my keys in my attic while installing fiberglass batt insulation.

After panicking when I realized I had lost the only copies of a few important keys, I purchased this detector to find them. After a couple of evenings of searching, I found them!!!

This is a decent, functional, and inexpensive unit that served my needs. There are better, more feature-rich options available, but they do cost considerably more. For my needs, this was the perfect price/performance point.

One other customer said this; My fiance jumped in the lake and lost his ring. Well, a couple of months later we had a drought and the part where he jumped in dried up.

We went there with this metal detector and after only about an hour, HE FOUND THE RING!

The ring itself cost about $500 and the metal detector was about $100 so it has paid for itself already almost 5 times over.


The Bounty Hunter Discovery 1100 might seem to lack much to be desired at first glance, but since it has been specifically implemented for beginners and less experienced users, its performance is still quite impressive.

As customers have rightly said, it is a good catch to detect something lost as it is sharp to detect objects.

Users have access to sensitivity, discrimination, and visual target identification, plus three audio tones that exponentially simplify identification.

This metal detector is a solid purchase for all newcomers who want to start as casual hobbyists or expert wannabes.

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