Fisher F22 Metal Detector Review | A Complete Reviews

Fisher F22 Metal Detector Review | A Complete Reviews

The Fisher F22 metal detector is the mid-range of the Fisher Research Labs F Series brand. The F22 detector features a perfect weatherproof, professional and perfect design to detect in the harshest weather.

If you choose the Fisher F22 metal detector, with all its advantages, you will find an economical detector for all the options it presents. The advanced metal detection features and easy to use for the user, make the Fisher F22 detector the perfect choice for people of all ages, beginners or experienced.

The F22 metal detector offers four modes of operation: jewelry modes, coins, artifact and custom mode. Advanced features that include 9 visual and numerical segments of destination identification to help separate garbage from treasures, before you start digging.

High-resolution Display

The necessary information is visible on the display, according to the customer. The structure is simple and structured. Even in sunlight, you can read the display well. Of course, it is always a little better in the shade.

Object Recognition and Location Technology

The search coil on the metal detector (Another device)

The Fisher F22 metal detector has a 2-digit conductivity gauge. Locate found objects are displayed in the spectrum 0-99. For a particularly fast detection of objects, a 9-segment conductivity spectrum is used.

Ergonomic Linkage and Search Technology

According to customer reports, the metal detector is perfect for long searches. The S-linkage is very well designed and ergonomically perfect. No matter if big or small persons. In static point location mode, the device works very closely with the depth and location of metallic objects.

With a point location button, the exact location in the coil center can be determined and thus a necessary trench to be limited to the actual location.

Treasure Hunt On the Beach: Search Coil Is Waterproof

The concentric high-performance triangle search coil is of course also waterproof. So you can look at the beach in the water for lost coins, jewelry, and other metal objects. The device has a very fast response time so that the seeker misses nothing. The volume of the sounds can be adjusted.

The search can be performed on all floors. Of course, a beach search.

Good Discrimination Function and Search Programs

For good metal detectors, high-quality discrimination is mandatory. With these unwanted, metallic objects are detected and filtered out. An example of this is, for example, iron scrap, which lies in many places in the ground. The metal detector recognizes this and saves such a troublesome digging up of scrap objects.

Very good is the preprogrammed search program e. These are set to coins, jewelry or other relics. The depth display of the device is calibrated on coins. However, this can be changed in the settings of the metal detector.

Other Features of The Fisher F22

A notch filter, the so-called Notch function, can filter out non-ferrous metals. Also very handy to save unnecessary excavations. The Fisher metal detector has a 6.35mm jack headphone jack. However, you can use it without headphones.

The Fisher F22 Metal Detector in The Test

Despite an intensive search, we have found no credible test report for the Fisher F22. Only articles about the metal detector. In our review, we place great value on the reliability of the product tests. That’s why we put every test report through its paces. Only actual tests where the testers had the product themselves are considered here. Metal detectors do not seem to be very popular with the testers. Even Stiftung Warentest or the ETM test magazine have not yet tested such a search device. But a clinical test is sure to happen in a short while.

Evaluated the experiences of the customers

For our product review, we looked at the reviews for the metal detector on Amazon. In contrast to the USA, the search for coins, jewelry and other relics in Germany is not yet so widespread. However, this hobby is coming in, as it is simply exciting. Buyers of the metal detector on Amazon also report small and even larger finds with this device. Just the fact that rain can not harm the device, is repeatedly praised.

Most users use the device constantly in artifact mode. Here, the metal detector searches for all metal objects and filters out metal scrap. A customer reports of very good success with the custom mode. Here he had set the tones so that he can distinguish between the different valencies from ten cents upwards when finding euro coins. So he does not need to search unnecessarily for 1-cent and 2-cent pieces. The Pinpoint function is also described by the customers as very good.

The battery life is around 40 hours with the two 1.5V AA batteries. So at least one customer reported in the reviews. However, this, of course, depends on the qualities of the purchased batteries. 40 hours are of course very long. Incidentally, a buyer advises against rechargeable batteries, as they regularly only have a voltage of 1.2 V. This could limit the performance of the detector, so his opinion.

F22 Coil Thoughts

The search coil is produced with the highest quality materials and most advanced manufacturing techniques. The coil is filled with the latest light resins and a cut yarn material for better shock resistance. These materials are transparent to electromagnetic waves and provide perfect shielding. The coils are UV waterproof and operate in a wide temperature range.


Is it Weatherproof?

Unless designed for underwater use they are not waterproof. The good ones are waterproof up to the box which is weather/rainproof. You can detach the box and wear it and submerge the entire coil and staff but the box is not waterproof for submersion.

Can I use it on the beach?

It can be used on a freshwater beach, and have no problem submerging the coil underwater. It will sort of work on a saltwater beach in dry sand, but mineralization in the wet sand will drive it nuts. It can be used on the dry saltwater beach and the coil can be submerged in freshwater.

Can I adjust the volume?

Yes, there are 20 levels of adjustable volume. The Fe-Tone adjustable iron audio gives you the opportunity to set the volume of ferrous targets lower than that of the volume of non-ferrous targets for increased clarity on desirable targets.

Will it find gold?

Yes, this has a range for gold and the discrimination can be changed to only find gold.

This unit would be perfect at finding gold coins. You can program to search for a specific metal, a combination of all metals during use. Different tones are heard for different metals also which you learn through use.

How much depth?

The depth of the fisher can go up to 8 inches. This means that you can find something up to 6 to 8 inches deep.

What is the recommended age?

A 6 to 10-year-old can use this as it is an easy setup.

Is there a warranty?

Yes, there is a 5-years warranty on the product. The warranty is covered by Fisher. There is contact info in the instruction pamphlet. It does have a manufacturing warranty. If the item is damaged when purchased, the seller should be contacted first.

What are the cons?

No manual balance on the floor

Fisher F22 vs F2

The F22 not only features all of the good from the F2 but some other significant improvements.

For a start, you can save your configuration set up on the F22, unlike the F2 where your often perfect set up would be erased! The coil mentioned above is also a vast improvement to the standard 9” on the F2. Improved circuitry which equates to faster processing and recovery is also clearly evident. To summarize Fisher metal detectors designed the F22 is an upgrade to the F2 which has undoubtedly been achieved.


The Fisher F22 metal detector is an excellent entry-level detector, which is reliable, accurate and will provide many fun days out hunting.

The F22 by Fisher seems to be the perfect metal detector for beginners and advanced in this Sondel hobby. It finds coins, jewelry, and other metal objects reliably and accurately. The point location works excellent. The responsiveness of the device is also very good for faster searching. So, if you’re considering treasure hunting now, we recommend the Fisher F 22 Metal Detector.

The metal detectors Fisher are detectors professional metal, having a catalog and assortment varied with different models with smaller and higher performance and prices of detectors fully affordable metal to suit all budgets, being a renowned brand, ranking among the best in the market.

This model has a 9 “plate with an elliptical and concentric shape that helps us at all times to detect the deepest metals, always within the limitations provided by the operating frequencies of these models of metal detectors.

It incorporates up to 99 identification segments to recognize at any time what type of metal we have detected and in this way numerically know if we should conduct the survey or not.

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