Fisher F22 Vs. Garrett Ace 300 Metal Detectors

Fisher F22 Vs. Garrett Ace 300 Metal Detectors

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In this post, I will be giving a concise review and a comparison of two of the best metal detecting machines I have come across in my years as an old metal detector.

The first is The Fisher F22 metal detector which is an upgrade of the Fisher F2 metal detector for beginners, designed with the features that make it out from the beginner’s stage to a more sophisticated device.

The second device I will be analyzing is the Garett ace 300 metal detector, which is an outstanding device, suitable for both beginners and experts in the hobby. If you want to know more about these products, I suggest you stick to the end of this post.

The Fisher F22 is an upgrade of the Fisher F2 metal detector.

The Fisher F22 Metal Detector Review

With the F22, new and intriguing features can be accessed. The device is loaded with a lot of features which makes it more sophisticated than a beginner’s machine and puts it in competition with other top metal detectors. So what are these improved features of the F22 metal detector? We will unveil them shortly.

Fisher F22 Design and Appearance

There have been a series of upgrades on the design and appearance of the F22 metal detector when being compared to its predecessor, the F2 metal detector.

Taking a look at the F22 control panel, you can see the technological advancement made on it. There is also an upgrade on the coil. It has a small nine-inch triangulated concentric coil.

The narrow coil, the machine can carefully detect areas where potential finds are lying beneath the dirt. The thin coil can be submerged into the water as it is waterproof.

The Fisher F22 metal detector is entirely waterproof on its coil, but that only applies to the coil and some parts of the stem. Apart from these areas of the device, the other regions such as the control panel are not made to be completely waterproof, they can withstand less perfect weather but cannot be submerged for an extended period. Some other features make the F22 device work well in adverse conditions, like the headphone Jack which is well protected against debris and water.

The Fisher F22 metal detector comes disassembled. You will have to assemble it correctly before you begin to use it. Unlike some other brands of metal detectors, it comes with an instruction manual, and other essential components to assist you in your hobby.

The F22 comes disassembled and must be put together before you can use it. The Fisher F22 is of lightweight, weighing around 3lbs, this makes it more comfortable for use coupled with it’s cushioned armrest and grip, one can carry it about for hours and not get tired.

Buttons and Modes of Fisher F22

The Fisher F22 has fairly minimalistic buttons. It has a power button, and other buttons to regulate menu, pinpoint, and mode. With the menu button, you can access volume settings, sensitivity, and Notch.

The Fisher F22 has Four preset modes which are :

There are four preset modes on this metal detector. They are:

Jewelry Mode: This mode, you can ignore objects that are primarily made from iron.

Coin Mode: In addition to the iron, this mode is for rejecting aluminum and foil items.

Artifact Mode: in this mode, the metal detector does not ignore any item, rather all the target items present in this model are allowed

Custom Mode: in this mode, the user can choose the desired tone settings that he would like to use, here you can assign a specific tone to a material you want to detect.

The Fisher F22 sensitivity is regulated between 1-10. With its pinpoint ability, you are sure to know the location and size of your target. When the center of the target is detected, the loudest pitch of the metal detector sounds. This ensures more accurate discoveries.

Features and Performance of the Fisher F22

Undoubtedly, the Fisher F2 metal detector is an enhanced version of the F2 metal detector. When compared to other brands of metal detectors, only but a few can surpass it. One added feature the F22 metal detector possesses is its processing time. The device has an improved processing time. The Fisher F22 metal detector has nine categories of target ID.


the nine categories can identify 99 types of targets. 1-19 will detect ferrous materials, 20-29 will detect aluminum materials, 30-39 identifies nickels. With this setup, concise detection of targets is achieved, both in the type of content and it’s a size too. Also, the device can accurately identify materials made of silver iron and gold. This is an excellent tool for treasure hunters.

Apart from its visual enhancements, the Fisher F22 is also equipped with audio features. It has four tone setup, the bass, low, medium and high. The tone setup is used in conjunction with the display; it helps in understanding the precise material you find. Taking the Fisher F22 to areas of high mineralization, you are bound to experience some interference. Detecting in saltwater, beaches, and iron oxide soils may also pose some difficulty.

Pros and Cons of Fisher F22


• Excellent processing speed

• It is Lightweight

• It has 0 – 99 Target ID

• It is Weatherproof

• Affordable Mid-range price


• ground balance is minimal

Unarguably, the Fisher F22 works better than expected, coupled with its affordable price. It has a high level of discrimination, high sensitivity and several modes on it. The F22 has proven to be efficient in it’s pinpointing features as well as it’s audio and visual enhancements.

Nevertheless, the Fisher F22 has its fault, the major hindrance being it’s reduced ground balancing ability. Most metal detectors in this price range carry enough ground balancing ability. It can be a turn-off for buyers. However, if you hunt on average soils, the Fisher F22 will give you all the features you need, remember the device is weatherproof, it can be used in all kinds of weather. Regardless of how the weather is, you are sure to enjoy the machine.

The Garett Ace 300

The Garrett Ace 300 metal detector is a perfect machine for both beginners and advanced metal detectorists. The device has a deep detection depth (depending on the kind of material ) durable and sturdy hand design, quite easy to assemble and operate. People with absolutely no prior knowledge about the device can set it up and begin to use it in a matter of minutes. With all these features, the cost of the machine is very friendly. So we will take an in-depth analysis of the features and compositions of the Garrett Ace 300 metal detector.

Garrett Ace 300 Design

With the technological inputs made on the Garett Ace 300 device, it has become an excellent tool for treasure hunters. It is considered as one of the best in the metal detecting world. It is composed of many outstanding features such as Five search modes, one-touch treasure hunting, pinpoint and targeting feature, and a depth indicator. The pinpoint feature takes you to the exact location of the metal you detect. This feature is best used when metal detecting on sand or gravel.

For the pinpoint feature to work effectively, the user has to adjust the search coil to the loudest signal. Once it gets there, engage the device into the pinpoint mode by pushing and holding the pinpoint button. You can now start canvassing the ground, keep a little distance between the device and the ground, the metal detector should not be too close to the ground, it should be a little above the ground as you sweep. Once the machine is on top of the target, the target identification will indicate, and 5 bars will display on the LCD screen.

Garrett Ace 300 Detection Modes

Let us discuss the detection modes of the Garrett Ace 300 metal detector.

As I have stated earlier, the machine comes with five search modes which are the coin mode, relics, jewelry, all-metal, and custom modes. When in custom mode, you can control the target ID settings and notch discrimination. When it’s in the All metal mode, it detects all types of metals. This is quite helpful when searching for different kinds of metals. When it is in jewelry mode, it detects jewelry only. It detects coin when in coin mode, and when in relic mode, it detects brass and lead materials.

The Garett Ace 300 is fashioned to be very comfortable when it’s held. The shaft and armrest can be adjusted to a comfortable position. It also comes with a headphone jack for distinguishing between tones, so you don’t waste your time on trash. It is wise you dig out your target carefully after you identify it with the Garrett Ace 300.

The device manual comes with directives on how to cut out your target after it’s found. It suggests you use a knife and make a “C” cut around the target, remove the dirt and pick out the target. Once the target is out, you can replace the earth removed back into place.

On a general note, the Garrett Ace 300 is an excellent metal detecting machine and is perfect for beach hunters.

Garrett Ace 300 Features

• It comes with an Electronic Pinpointing feature. This gives you the exact location of your target. This will reduce the time spent on digging and improve the hit rate.

• It is equipped with an Accept/Decline Discrimination, which allows you to customize the discrimination patterns that the device recognizes.

• It is composed of four search Modes which are the All Metal mode, Jewelry, Custom, Relics, Coins and Pinpoint mode. This allows you to target known materials in your search and improve your accuracy and success rates. These modes, you are sure to find whatever you are looking for as they give you a varied and diverse pattern of search.

• The Continuous Coin Depth Indicator will enable you to know your target depth more accurately to aid easier and faster recovery.

• It is fitted with a Battery Condition Indicator which helps the continuous monitoring of the battery life.

• It is made up of interchangeable ACE Series Search Coils. It also has various coils depending on the type of search you want to do.

• It has a single touch operation that allows changing the settings quickly.

• You can easily disassemble the machine into three pieces that are not up to 24 inches in length. The headphones have a 0.25-inch audio jack provided for it, and also the arm cuff can be adjusted for more comfortable use.

• The device has a pin-pointer which enables you to get the exact location of your target. This impressive feature can help you minimize digging time and saves you a lot of energy and stress.

Pros And Cons Of Garrett Ace 300


• It has a durable and sturdy search coil. It is very rugged to use and can withstand harsh conditions. This durability and the waterproof feature is essential even if you are taking the device to the beach or any area with water.

• The plot was designed to meet the professional and advanced needs of metal detectors. It is equipped with new and innovative technology which makes it function in a high class, despite its price range.

• The Garrett Ace 300 was created with the Ace 300 special features. Experienced metal detectors know that Ace 300 has proven over time to be a leading metal detector brand. Nevertheless, there are some shortcomings of this device regarding the Garrett Ace 300 that you should be aware of. This can be seen in some of its functions. However, we can admit that it’s benefits are more than it’s shortcomings, especially when compared with other brands.


• Before the newbies get acquainted with the sound and signals, it will take some time. They will have to study it to distinguish and to know what each signal means.

• Hunters will have to use the device for eight to ten different uses to master the distinct sound it produces for different target finds.

Fisher F22 vs Garrett Ace 300:Comparison

We will compare the device on various levels, such as:


The Garrett Ace 300 is more expensive than the Fisher F22 Metal detector at about $ 25.

Search Coil

The Garett Ace 300 coil is much larger than the Fisher F22 coil. The Garrett coil is ten inches while the Fisher F22 coil is nine inches.


The Garrett Ace 300 operates on a higher frequency of 8kHz while the Fisher F22 has a frequency of 7.89kHz. It is a small difference.


The Garrett Ace 300 is a bit heavier than the Fisher F22, weighing 2.8 pounds. Nevertheless, you can use both machines for long hours without getting weary or feeling hurt on your arm.


The Garrett Ace 300 also has up to 99 digital target identification and iron discrimination segments. Like the F22, this machine is perfect for new detectorists who are just joining the world of metal detecting.


Metal detecting is an exciting hobby which would be more intriguing when you make use of a suitable metal detecting machine. Apart from being an excellent machine for both new and advanced metal detectorists, the tools we have analyzed in this article are fitted with the latest technological inputs that will make you enjoy your journey in the world of metal detecting.

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