Garrett ACE 250 Review | Complete Review

Garrett ACE 250 Review | Complete Review

The Garrett ace 250 is ergonomically designed and easy to hold thanks to the armrest. The control box is easily accessible, so the Garrett ace 250 can be wonderfully operated with one hand to switch from the search mode to the pinpoint function, for example.

The control box has a 1/4 headphone jack and the detector is powered by 4 AA batteries. The search coil is waterproof and can be easily replaced with a new size. The yellow hue is Garrett’s trademark and stands out well in nature.

Despite the low price of the Garrett ACE 250 Garrett Metal Detectors has not saved on the materials again. The metal finder is robust and comfortable, a factor that sets it apart from no-name detectors. The LCD screen is relatively large and the user interface is intuitive to use. The interface was designed to enable as many buttons as possible as many functions.

The scope of functions of Garrett 250is remarkable, it owns:

  • A detailed 12 segment discrimination
  • An integrated pinpointer
  • 8 sensitivity levels
  • An all-metal mode
  • A depth indicator
  • A visual object identification
  • 3 keys
  • Furthermore, the Garrett ace 250 has five preprogrammed search modes:
  • All metals
  • Jewelry
  • personalized
  • relics
  • coins

But do not be impressed by all these features! Most detectors integrate similar functions. The main advantage of the Garrett Ace 250 is that it automatically adapts to the needs of its user, and for beginners that is incredibly helpful. Thanks to Garrett’s proprietary microprocessor, all you have to do is press a button and choose a program that reliably detects finds and keeps you from digging up scrap.

The more experience you have, the better you can customize the detector to your needs. And right here lies the strength of this detector: it develops with the owner, in the beginning, he leads him, and with time and accumulated experience, the full range of functions to be mastered.

Garrett ACE 250 – What’s in his Control Box?

LCD Screen

The screen of the Garrett 250 is quitelarge and arranged. On the left,  the availabledetection modes are displayed, in the middle, it shows the sensitivity leveland the discrimination and on the right side is the depth display. Such aprecise depth display is a valuable bonus over the few metal finders in theprice segment. Also, the display of the Garrett ace 250 indicates the batterylevel. In detection mode, when a find is located, the cursor automaticallyindicates the nature of the metal.

Control Panel

Below the screen is the control panel consisting of 6 buttons. The first three allow you to select the search mode, the sensitivity level, and the discrimination function. The other three buttons are only responsible for turning on the metal detector, the pinpointer, and the elimination function.

The Elimination Function

This feature allows you to select andlock certain metals at will, rather than selecting the metals to search for.For some gondolas, this is an advantage only the Garrett ace 250 has.

Different Modes

The appropriate search mode can be selected with a simple push of a button on the “Mode” button. Mostly the detector is used in jewelry mode, which only allows discrimination of iron. The 5 available detection modes are preset but can be adjusted to personal needs. The mode “all metals”, as the name implies, detects all types of metals, from iron to gold to copper, aluminum, bronze, etc. This mode is mainly used in less polluted areas such. B beaches.

However, on heavily soiled floors, donot hesitate to set your Garrett ACE 250 Detector to the “Coin”search mode, which is still effective.


Accessible with one finger, thesensitivity setting of the detector is very simple and user-friendly. Pushing“higher” or “lower” changes the sensitivity by a quarterturn. Small Tip: Lowering the sensitivity a bit does not allow you to dig toodeep for a  worthless find, and secondly,if, in doubt, you may be able to increase sensitivity to decide whether diggingis worth it!


According to field reports, Garrettace 250 has a very precise function , users say they have not dug out a singlepiece of iron even after 10 hours of paddling, but metal detection is sometimesdelayed by the nature of the metal and then it is up to the owner to decide ifthe excavation will take place to be worth.


The Pinpoint feature (activated byextended keystroke) allows you to see exactly where the object is located. Thesound is continuously on and the volume increases the closer you get to yourdestination.

Opinion and Experience about Garrett ace 250

Some users of the Garrett 250 are a bit skeptical about the device from the outset, not least because of the yellow color that can be reminiscent of a child’s toy. After a short test phase of the device, the opinions are largely unanimous, the quality of the finish, its accuracy and efficiency also convince in comparison with more expensive detectors. Experience has shown that it is possible to deal with the operator very quickly and the precision of the discrimination stands out from other detectors in the price segment.

How to Choose a Metal Detector to Look for Coins?

With all of these factors in mind,most users choose the VLF / TR discriminator. It can simultaneously filterwaste and mineralization. The detector requires the movement of the coil to thedesired object. But the fast swing or “beating” is no longernecessary. Enough very small displacement. The best models allow you toinstantly change from driving to stationary.

Some innovations deserve special mention. Surface mount technology has opened doors for miniaturization, allowing you to create extremely compact designs. Detectors with hybrid printed circuit boards are now available, which made it possible to place complex circuits in small packages.

This significantly reduced the weight and volume of the devices without sacrificing performance. The new features include the indication of the depth of the target, its identification and the discrimination of the filter. It is important to study additional functionality carefully, as high-tech solutions can be very expensive and often unnecessary.

Cost and Functions

The price should be addressed based onthe required performance and not the availability of additional functions.Depending on the type of detection required, you must select the functions thatbest suit the queries. Which metal detector is better to choose to look forcoins? The one that best deals with discrimination. To search for treasures, agreat depth of detection and large coils are needed. If the main interest is inthe field of geology, then you need to be able to rebuild the soil. Also,stationary mode with fast filtering or automatic adjustment is mandatory.

What to Look For?

When verifying the warranty, the costof the repair, which it does not cover, the cost of replacing the circuitboard, the search coil, the availability of the post-warranty service must beclarified. Independent distributors may be invaluable. They are better informedand interested in making this acquisition a hobby and not a regular purchase. Acompetent distributor is willing to take the time to explain how to select a metaldetector that meets the user’s requirements. However, some vendors try to sellobsolete, defective models or that are no longer produced.

Benefits Of Choosing The Garrett Ace

Garrett Ace 250 gives concreteresults. Indeed, it will locate the target found and will indicate the depthwhere it is located. If you are still far enough from the target, it will tellyou the few meters you have to go, and it will give you information on thethickness and dimensions of the found thing. Know that for personal research,Garrett Ace 250 is the best, it will not disappoint you, that’s for sure!

This model is worthy of a large metaldetector. Indeed, he has already passed several laboratory tests before beingon the market, moreover, several testers have already tried this device, eventhe greatest professionals have tried it, and they all came across the sameanswer, Garrett Ace 250 is a good device, which will satisfy even the experts.

It is a device that has a very highsensitivity, so nothing escapes him, moreover thanks to its LCD screen, you canknow the depth of the thing detected. It is rare to find a metal detector thatgives as much information about the thing detected, fortunately, Garrett Ace250 is part of this exception.


· Good for the Money

It is a gooddetector for the beginner, gets good depth it found an 1853 half dime at 7inches deep, and it is a rugged machine, only drawbacks in the control housingare not waterproof and the pinpoint is not accurate, but other than that its anamazing machine.

· Very Good Model For Beginners

It’s a verysimple machine compared to the other more expensive models and that’sdefinitely needed for just starting out. It’s got multiple detection modes, hasthe ability to change sensitivity and discrimination, displays depth of thefind and has the various sounds for the types of metals detected. It will taketime to learn the various sounds and pinpointing where to dig, but for abeginner, this turned out to be a great model to own.


  • No gooddiscrimination despite lots of practice.


The Garrett metal detectors put a veryfair price/performance on the table. If your budget allows est, then you shouldconsider this as a beginner model, because it allows a fast learning curve anddespite its simplicity has features that will please even advanced users.

Nevertheless, this does not mean thatmore expensive devices have no justification, on the contrary. Although theGarrett ace 250 remains the best in its price range, it will not be able tomatch the performance of a high-end product. Its low weight and size areadvantageous (it can be packed in a backpack when disassembled).

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