Garrett Ace 300 Metal Detector Review | A Complete Review

Garrett Ace 300 Metal Detector Review | A Complete Review

The ACE300i Garrett is a true joy. Its user-friendliness makes this detector both beginners and initiates available. This metal detector has the benefit of being able to change frequencies. Indeed, you can set a distinct frequency during the initiation of your initiation group, for instance, to prevent embarrassing you.

The frequency is essentially set to8KHz. This frequency is especially appropriate for recreational detection. Why?Because the device provides excellent search stability while searching at theright depths. Nothing will escape you in the woods and if you want to indulgeyourself with a quality device, you don’t need to go into high-end detectors.

Features Of Garrett Ace 300 Metal Detector

It features a larger, waterproofsearch coil, providing greater depth detection up to 12in. It is fullysubmersible up to the control box, so underwater detecting won’t is an issue.The controls are simple and easy to use and the Ace 300 has a digital targetID, letting you know what’s underground before you dig.

This metal detector has a low, mediumand high tone, signifying the item also. The overall weight is under 3lbs,making it light and easy to carry, even for younger users.

Although I have not done any field tests with this detector, I did manage to put items under a pillow and adjust the sensitivity to see if the detector could pick it up, which it did. I also conducted an air test to see what ID numbers associated with various items like gold, silver, and foil.

If you are new to metal detecting, theKindle store has a book called “A Digger’s Life” which is anintroduction to metal detecting. It features frequently asked questions andgives suggestions on what to get.

Highly recommend this product toanyone new to the hobby and does not want to break the bank with an expensivedetector.

Simple Settings

The Garrett ACE 300, this detector has5 search modes. There are the following search modes:

  • All metals (Zero Disc)
  • Jewelry (Jewelry)
  • Custom (Custom Mode)
  • Relics (For relics)
  • Coins (Coins)

Another benefit is that the device hasa pinpoint enabling an object to be located accurately. Please check out ourpinpointer range for more information, including the Garrett Pro-Pointer 2.

In the helmet, too, is the ease of use! In fact, this detector Garrett ACE 300i has a multiton. 3 Tones will inform you straight whether or not the goal is good. Practice for beginners as well as insiders!

This metal detector’s sensitivity canbe adjusted at 8 concentrations and an indicator of depth will assist you totarget your study to your requirements.

The real novelty of this metaldetector is the integration of a conductivity meter on the control panel,making the GARRETT 300i an easy-to-learn detector for beginners and familiesalike.

The GARRETT ACE 300i now displays aconductivity index, a number between 0 and 99 is displayed when a target isdetected, the higher the number.

This figure makes it possible to differentiate between ferrous metals, which have very little conductors (index less than 10, except in the case of large objects), moderately conductive metals (aluminum, native gold or jewelry, and poor alloy currencies), and the most conductive metals. like copper, silver or bronze.

This conductivity meter finally allowsyou to have an additional element to help in the identification of the target… And this is a real advantage for the younger ones who are introduced to thedetection, it becomes much easier and playful.

· New Disc

The Garrett ACE300i is equipped with a new PROformance disc 18 × 25 cm larger than the ACE 250(16 × 22 cm), which allows to cover more surface and gain in-depth ofdetection.

· Audio Response Improvement

The audioresponse has been significantly improved, the sound is sharper and moreaccurate to the aplomb of the target and Farewell the characteristic bell soundand lacking in precision!

· Frequency

The ACE 300ichanges frequency and goes from 6.5 kHz to 8 kHz. This allows a bettersensitivity to low and medium conductivity targets. And to have a device alittle more stable and thus gained in comfort of use.

· Discrimination

Garrett with hisACE 300i to help improve discrimination. Thus the range of ferrous has beenmuch more spread (3x more compared to the ACE 250) to help overcome the maskingof ferrous near a good target. Real innovation and really good news for thosewho detect in often polluted areas.

· Frequency Offset

Garrettfinally thought to put a frequency shift. This setting is very interesting ifyou detect several or if you are close to electrical sources that often causeinterference. To you the trips between friends without being embarrassed.

Clampingrings have been added to the whole of the three-strand removable rod and thusstiffen the set, finally complete the rods that move after a few hours ofdetections, a significant comfort.

The armrestshave been reinforced with foam for more comfort.

Design and Appearance Garrett Ace 300 Metal Detector

This Garrett ACE 300i metal detectoris versatile and also it is powerful. His range of discrimination is spreadout, which makes him perform on precise research, and his responsiveness is atthe top.

It is also equipped with the NOTCHfunction. This function makes it possible to hide this or that type of signalin order to avoid you searching too broad for example. What’s more annoyingthan having the detector that rings with every capsule found on the beach! Tofinish on this point, this detector also has a discrimination range dedicatedespecially to the ferrous metals (iron audio).

Search Modes

This detector has 5 searchmodes and also;

  • A depth indicatoron three levels.
  • A pinpoint thatallows the rapid location of targets.
  • A NOTCH thateliminates a single type of target while keeping the rest.
  • Of an adjustablesensitivity.
  • A low batteryindicator.
  • Visualidentification from a detailed legend.

So the device is still as easy to use,you turn on and your adventure. The analysis of the target is always done withmulti-tone audio using three types of sounds: low, medium and high depending onthe conductivity of the target.


The Garrett ACE 300i comes with aClearsound audio headset, an 18 × 25 disc cover, a rain cover, batteries and amanual in French provided by Garrett.


The batteries take 4 x AA batteriesand can go for a long time.


In addition to three freebie accessories, the deluxe Garrett Ace 300 Metal Detector comes complete with a submersible search coil: ACE environmental cover, search coil cover, and Easy stow headphones. For sophisticated users, this metal detector is intended. Dimensions: inches 10x7x51. Ideal for sophisticated coin detection users, jewelry. Modulation of pulse-width, electronic pinpointing. Five modes of searching. Eight changes in sensitivity, depth. Indicator of coin depth, an ID of the digital goal.

FAQ About Garrett Ace 300 Metal Detector

Is the Tracker IV waterproof?

The Ace 350 has an 8.5 by the 11-inchwaterproof coil. That’s a good size for depth and for being able to search aproperty quickly. The Ace 350 frequency is a smidge greater than on the Ace 300– instead of 8,25 kHz.

Can I use it on the beach?

The Garrett Ace can use it at thebeach but you cannot submerge it completely. Even in the sand, electronics cannot get wet, you should choose an at pro or at max, there is special now. It isvery accurate in the woods and the beach. Very easy to use.

Can I adjust the volume?

The volume of the GarrettAce can be taken care of with included headphones. So it can be adjusted oreven reduced with a headphone as the volume of the detector is too loud.

Will it find gold?

It can detect gold as wellas other metals but there’s a Garrett Pro gold that is specifically tuned infor gold.

We have an operatingfrequency of 6.5 kHz with the Garrett ACE 250. But the ACE 350, with 8.25 kHz,was blessed. This makes target finding a lot easier – specifically, goldhunting would be much more of a breeze with its larger detection area for gold.

How much depth?

The size of the coil sending electrical pulses into the ground as long as the electronic box does not get wet. As a generalization, a stock standard middle of the range metal detector is capable of finding targets up to and often more than a foot deep. That’s 300mm to those who no longer use feet and inches.

What is the recommended age?

The Garrett Ace is a greatdetector for all ages as it is very simple and easy to use. The settings can bedone quickly and comfortably without default and difficulty.

Is there a warranty?

The Garrett Ace has a twoyears warranty and comes with the needed support the company can offer.

What are the cons?

  • Qualityof the tightening strap.


The new ACE 300i Garrettmetal detector is an evolution of the well-known ACE 250 detector. Taking allthe advantages of the latter, it also has, thanks to the remarks of theprospectors using the ACE 250, canes greenhouses allowing a perfect maintenanceof the cane, a conductivity index (scale from 0 to 100) on the screen helpingto identify detection targets, a larger detection disc 18 x 26 cm, and a higherfrequency (8 kHz). All this gives it very good performance in terms of depth ofdetection. One of the best detector of metals to discover the hobbies of thedetection at low prices.

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