The Fisher F2 Metal Detector

The Fisher F2 Metal Detector

Hi, I am David M. Philips, a professional metal detectorist. Having navigated around the world in search of gold nuggets, coins, treasures, and relics. My love for metal detecting started since my early days as a young boy, and I ventured into full-time Metal detecting four years ago. In my years of experience, I have come across various kinds and models of metal detecting machines.

In this post, I will be giving a concise review of one of the best metal detecting machines I have come across in my years as an old metal detector.

The Fisher F2 metal detector is the perfect beginning tool for new metal detectorists, equipped with the ability to keep the newbies running on their feet. It indicates the type of metal detected by displaying it on the two-digit numeric display screen. With the aid of this feature, new detectorists will skip the frustration of hitting dead end targets and maximize potential finds.

An F2 metal detector is an appropriate machine, affordable and of excellent function, suitable for entry-level metal detectors. In this post, I will expand more on its features, appearance, controls, modes, pros and cons, and other vital information you should know about it to keep you going.

Fisher F2 Design And Appearance

The device is designed to have an S-shape ergonomic handle.It weighs 2.6 lbs even when carrying its battery. It is a lightweight machine. Ithas an easy to read display screen, patterned with a black arm cuff, a displayhousing, and a coil. On the LED display screen, there are large buttons toclick on for various functions and modes. The display shows a two-digit numerictarget value and some other essential pieces of information the user shouldknow.

Fisher F2 Top Features

  • Thefeatures of the F2 metal detector is crafted purposely for new metaldetectorists. It has a couple of exciting features which includes :
  • Itis enabled with Audio and visual target identification with four audio tonesand eight visual segments.
  • Instantand accurate target response
  • Largedisplay screen which shows target value with two numeric numbers, making thetreasure hunt easy for beginners.
  • Targetpinpointing
  • Notchsystem
  • Theoperating frequency of 5.9 kHz
  • Itcomes with a coin depth indicator, which is a huge feature for a beginner’smetal detecting machine.

Fisher F2 Modes

The device has four pre-installed search modes so you canselect the one you want. The four modes are :

Coin mode: this mode discriminates iron objects and also notifies onother trash items

Jewelry Mode: for discriminating iron targets

 Custom mode: with the aid of the notch feature,it enables you set to a custom pattern

Artifact mode: also known as relics mode, gives a signal on all iron, andmetals do not discriminate.

Fisher F2 Waterproof Search Coil

The Fisher brand equipped the F2brand with a new type of coil, which is 8 inches triangulated. The coil issmaller and more narrow, which makes it perfect for detecting goof targets outof the trash. The compact nature of the coil makes it easy to move around evenin tight corners like small spaces in between playgrounds and large rocks. TheF2 coil can be submerged into shallow water. You have to be careful not to allowthe water to touch the control box. The control box is only weatherproof andnot waterproof.

F2 Metal Detector Large LCD Screen

TheF2 metal detector is composed of a large LCD screen, which enables the user tosee everything the machine detects. It also allows you to change to yourdesired aspect. There are varieties of features displayed on the menu on theLCD screen. On the screen is a two-digit numeric number display, whichindicates the value of potential finds. The numbers also show the target depth andhow deep the metal is on the ground. It also has a target identificationfeature, which shows the exact target found. A sensitivity bar graph displaysbeside the screen, coupled with a battery life indicator.

FisherF2 Accessories

Thedevice comes with the following accessories to ensure maximum satisfactionduring use.

Fisher F2Rechargeable Battery

The device is equipped with a double 9 voltsbattery. These batteries are quite expensive; hence, it is advisable to go forrechargeable ones. The batteries are affordable and can last for up to 25 hours,so you can hunt and not worry about your battery dying.

Fisher F2Carrying Bag

The Fisher F2 device comes with aheavy-duty bag. The bag helps you secure your machine and other devices you usefor hunt. It also keeps the metal detector safe from moisture and also makes itcarry the equipment and other accessories.  

Fisher F2 11Inch Coil

The F2 metal detector isaccompanied by an 8-inch stock coil, which enables you to cover more areas oneach swing of the device without fixing a larger coil. This coil enhancement isideal for parks and big fields. Moreover, beach hunting will be more accessiblewith the search coil as it helps you cover more grounds.

Digging Tools & Scoops

After finding your targets, youneed a tool to excavate the trash and pick out your treasure. The Fisher F2comes with a durable shovel for digging up roots and dirt, and also for cuttingthrough grasses. On the other hand, if you are metal detecting near the beachor a body of water, you will need a beach metal detecting hand scoop to dig outtargets quickly. With the aid of this hand scoop, you can maneuver the sand andkeep prying for your treasures. The hand scoop makes the metal detectingactivity easy.

Fisher F2 Metal Detector: FAQ’S

We will take a review of somecommonly asked questions concerning the Fisher F2 metal detector.

Is the machineweatherproof? 

Ans. The Fisher F2 metal detector isweatherproof and can be used in adverse weather conditions. Nevertheless, youmustn’t expose the control box to water.

Can I use the fisher f2 metaldetector on the beach? 

Ans. The search coil is designed todetect metals in shallow water. The device works well on the beach sand.

Can I adjust the device volume?

Ans.  Yes, with menu buttons on the display screen of the device, youcan adjust the audio tone volume to your desired level.

Will the fisher f2 find gold?

Ans. Metal detectors are generallymade to detect metals, so yes, the device can identify gold fragments.

How much is the fisher f2 metaldetector depth?

Ans. On testing the fisher f2 metaldetector, it detects a milled coin at a depth of 6 degrees. It signaled ahammered penny at 5 degrees depth and a Roman coin at 4 degrees. The moreshallow the metal is, the easier the detection.

What is the recommended age forusers? 

Ans.  It is suitable for children from nine years to adults.

Doesit come with a warranty?

Ans.  The device comes with a five year warranty period.

Whatare the pros and cons of the fisher f2 metal detector? 

Ans.The pros and cons of the device are summarized below:


  • The device coil is Waterproof.
  • Responds to targets faster
  • Built with High sensitivity.
  • It is of a Lightweight design and hence easy to walk around with


  • It is not proficient in deep water detection of metals.
  • Lack of operating modes and vital built-in programs for efficient metal detecting.
  • All l settings reset after the device is shutdown.

In summary of the pros and cons, we can safely say thatthe device is suitable for those who join the treasure hunters only. The deviceis easily understandable and does not require going through plenty ofinstructions before use. The device is also fitted with excellent features,although it’s easy to use and understand. One striking feature of this machineis its availability and affordability, coupled with the quality it offers.


Undoubtedly, the Fisher F2 metal detector has proven to be a susceptible device that can pinpoint the type of metal with accuracy. It is perfect for relic hunting or coin searching. It detects deep objects both on the ground surface and underneath shallow water. It comes with an extended warranty period, which gives you comfort on the quality of the device you just got. The detector is quite affordable and equipped with features to justify every dime spent on it.

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The Fisher f2 machine is of lightweight and keeps your strength reserved for finding those metals down in the ground. With the LCD screen, users can see and understand whatever that is happening in real-time. You can be assured of not missing any vital piece of metal with the high sensitivity the machine offers. The device is designed to bring out the natural hunter in you. Be sure to enjoy every bit of time you spend while using this device. Do you want to try it out?  Why not give it a try.

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