Bounty Hunter Tk4 Tracker Iv Metal Detector Review 2019

Bounty Hunter Tk4 Tracker Iv Metal Detector Review 2019

The Bounty Hunter Tracker IV metal detector is a user-friendly tool that delivers tremendous value for cash while delivering efficient output across a broad range of circumstances and uses.

This classic model is characterized by double tone discrimination. It also has a sensitivity adjustment and discrimination control. The screen is a simple intensity meter that does not identify the objectives. If you want a completely digital screen that can identify the objectives, consider improving the Bounty Hunter Legacy 1500.

Tracker IV will allow you to detect all kinds of relics, coins and precious metals such as gold and silver.

Simple in appearance, with only two operating controls and one control for the selection of the search mode, the Tracker IV has a very important aspect: automatic terrain balancing, which will allow the user to search under mineralized soil conditions without losing sensitivity and control of the tracker.

Ideal for any environment, the 8”search coil of the Tracker IV can be used on wet grass or even in areas wherethe water is shallow. The search coil is submersible but the control box isNOT.

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Design and Appearance of Bounty Hunter Tk4 Tracker Iv Metal Detector

The tracker has an ergonomic designwhich has an arm and an adjustable stem. It is lightweight and can be used byanyone. A sensitive indicator is in it to determine the strength of the signalat any point. It also has a hearing aid input which helps in determining thesignal at any point.


Theproduct has a ground tuning feature, so the Bounty Hunter Tracker IV can workanywhere. So you can work with the device on any type of soil! Also,the sensitivity of the device is adjustable by the user. Depending on whathe is looking for, the user can set what the metal detector should react to.

Search Modes     

Modern models are manufactured withhigh-quality transmitters that can work in different modes. The control unitprocesses the data and outputs information. Devices differ in ads. Theresistance level is measured by the sensor. Finally, the user receivesinformation about the presence of metal in the soil.

Many models of the tracker areequipped with a protective system which aids in the search.


Although the need for headphones forthis metal detector model is not used. It helps to find goals, reduce outsidenoise and hear the signal better. Headphones also make the search lessnoticeable, as the sounds of the metal detector are inaudible to others.Besides, they extend battery life.


The device uses 2 batteries withvoltage 9V, and since such power supplies are not cheap, you should considerbuying several rechargeable batteries. It’s better to choose options that areaffordable, compatible with most universal chargers, and offer long batterylife.


The tracker comes as advertised. It comes with instructions, also, on how to use the product, use the inputs in the detector. For a Successful Use of Bounty Hunter Tracker IVUser reports recommending buying some common accessories that help detect metals. Their presence is important because they increase search efficiency. For example, target identifiers are great for quickly detecting metals, and coils of different sizes allow hunting in conditions where others are unusable.


The prices of the tracker differ withthe product gotten but it directly gives you what you asked for, leaving noroom for regret.

FAQ About Bounty Hunter Tk4 Tracker Iv Metal Detector

· What kind of coil comes stock?

It comes with a fully submersible, 8-inch Bounty D-Techsearch coil. the coil andstem are waterproof and can be used in shallow water.

· Is the Tracker IV waterproof?


· Can I use it at the beach?

The beach isthe best place to hunt because the sand is very easy to dig and are constantlybeing replenished. You can go during the summer or at any other time to hunt. Duringwinter, storms can move the sand around you and open up to you finding more artifactsthat would be important to you.

So thetracker IV will work great on even the dry sand of the beach making it a greatplace to hunt and find gold.

· Can I adjust the volume?

The Bounty Tracker Iv metal detector has an adjustablevolume. In this way, you can turn it to any volume you need to get the signalanywhere clear and anywhere you are. Since the tracker is lightweight, the tunecan be flipped to meet the need of the person handling the detector.

· Does it finds gold?

Even though the tracker is not designed to findnatural gold, you can still use it to mark out gold rings. This means that itis a great asset when it comes to hunting and finding desirable gold rings atthe hunting ground. The Bounty Tracker will find the treasure that you want soit is a great find.

· How much depth?

The tracker has a depth of 18-20 inches with what ended up to be ametal strap of about 1.25″Wx20″ L and a circular piece of metal about10″diameter. The tracker is not very good with depths as it is verylightweight and also plastic so the depth is determined by the softness of thearea in which it is hunting.

The depth synching is a challenge when hunting butcan reliably go for 6 inches.

· What is the recommended age?

There is no appropriate age for this tracker butfrom the age of 5 can be able to use it. But actually, there is no age limitfor it as the tracker is fun for children of all ages as it keeps them busy andentertained.

· Is there an instruction manual included?

The Bounty Tracker IV metal detector comes with abooklet which is the instruction manual. But even at that, there are severalYouTube videos which can direct you on how to use it and where to use but it’ssafe to read the instruction manual for more clarification.

· Is there a warranty?

The Bounty Tracker IV metal detector comes with afive-year warranty. Even though it is a hunting tracker, the warranty assuresyou of the product and offers you safety.

· Where is this made?

The Bounty Tracker IV metal detector is made in Texas,USA.

· What are the cons?

There are some features customers look out for when purchasing this kind of metal detector and if it is not there, it fails the purpose for them. The main disadvantages of this product are:

  • No mode of a pinpoint.
  • Discrimination with no notch.
  • No identification of the visual goal.

Benefits of Choosing Bounty Hunter Tk4 Tracker Iv Metal Detector

  • Well-built metal detector ideal in hard groundcircumstances to detect treasure.
  • 2-Audio tone mode and all-metal mode, and mode ofdiscrimination.
  • The floor equilibrium is preset to minimize thereaction to the mineral content of the floor.
  • A disk notch control is available to differentiatebetween objectives and non-target metals.
  • Weight of 4.2 lbs only.
  • The length can be adjusted.
  • Coil size of waterproof coil–8 inches.
  • Requires alkaline batteries of 2 9 volts.
  • Works at 6.6 kHz frequency.

Summary and Final Rating

The Bounty Hunter Tracker IV Metal Detector is by farahead of the curve in its class when it comes to finding treasure.

The Bounty Hunter Tracker IV is a very reliable andsturdy detector which is ideal for rough conditions such as rugged rocks anddebris and comes with an all-metal-mode and discrimination mode to weed outnon-treasures.

Ithas every single feature that any avid or beginner treasure hunter would wantout of a top-notch metal detector. While there are certainly better metaldetectors out there, this is by far one of the best Bounty Hunter MetalDetectors on the market, especially considering it will only cost you around 90bucks! Certainly, no other brand can compare with that price.

The Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV Metal Detector is popular because it is easy to use and very reasonably priced (around 100 bucks) which are significant characteristics of any detector of beginner metal. If you’re new to metal detection, you need a metal detector to switch on and begin looking for treasure. This detector is the Bounty Hunter Tracker IV. You set and go off the sensitivity & discrimination! Also, this detector makes a fantastic backup when you decide to upgrade the line down.

With its simple design and appearance, the BountyHunter tracker is very easy to use and provides you with the value for yourmoney. This tracker gives you no room for regret as its made with plastic,lightweight and a great hunting detector. With its adjustable tools, you can customizeto the way you want it thereby aiding to your best search.

The rugged metal detector perfect in extreme surfacecircumstances to detect treasure.

This Tracker motions all-metal mode, mode ofdiscrimination, and2-tone audio mode. Up to 3 feet of artifacts. The Presetground equilibrium neutralizes the reaction to the ground’s mineral content. Controlof the disc/notch differentiates between objectives and unwanted metals.

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